Nematode Hunters

Nematode hunters is a citizen-science effort to discover new natural intracellular pathogens that can infect our favorite model organism, C. elegans. Click below to learn more about why we are doing this and how you can get involved!

Fall 2021 Classrooms are now closed, but click here to learn more about our classroom program for Fall 2022!

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New Results!

Our special lab grown worms have been hanging out with the nematodes you sent! Calling all Nematode Hunters, we have a positive result! As you know, our team has been looking for a new nematode virus, but we needed your help to find sick worms. We mixed the nematodes you collected with our special lab…

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Infection transmission from JNS_10!

We have observed IPR reporter fluorescence in reporter C. elegans co-cultured with the wild isolate JNS_10! JNS_10 was isolated from a mutsu apple found at Highland Orchards in West Chester, PA. The reporter appears to be expressed in intestine on the side closest to the head. The next step will be to test whether this…

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First successful infection transmission!

Our first successful co-culturing experiment! Wild worms mixed with our infection-GFP and infection-mCherry reporters resulted in glowing worms, indicating that the wild worms passed an infection to our C. elegans!

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